SAM chooses for sustainability

Already thought about sustainability?

SAM made it clear from day one: sustainability is in our blood.

I attended the workshop of Flanders Fashion on sustainability and was very happy to notice SAM is doing well.

What’s SAM doing nowadays:

Who made my clothes?

I went to China to visit the production plant of the Belgian factory, where I saw how the clothes are made by grown men and women who live and work in healthy conditions. They also earn a fair wage for their work and that’s what you want as well, isn’t it?

The environment? Toxicants? Labour conditions?

The clothes are made of material with the ‘REACH or Oeketex-100 label’. That way we ensure you a high level of protection of our environment and society. You certainly don’t want your children’s clothes to contain toxic substances, do you?

No fast fashion!

Did you know that we wear a piece of clothing no more than seven times on average?
Sam consciously chooses for qualitative, well designed clothes that don’t depend on the time time of the year and can easily be passed on to siblings, for example.

Extra long life TEXTURE pants

One of our most sustainable actions is that we wear our clothes for a longer period. The TEXTURE collection consciously chooses for a tear-resistant fabric, making the pants more than 10 times stronger. Say goodbye to torn pants, every mother’s dream…

Extra also means extra length

You can easily turn up the clothes of the AIR Collection if they appear to be too big. The TEXTURE Collection has a turn-up at the bottom. Are your pants too short? No problem, loosen the turn-up and you have an extra three centimeters. 

How much do you pay each time you wear your piece of clothing? 

On a long-term basis sustainable clothes are cheaper. You can wear them more than normal clothes and moreover, for a longer period. It’s much more useful to consider the price for each time you wear your piece of clothing than the price you paid for it. 


We bring the clothes with our delivery bike to the post office. SAM consciously uses paper packaging en recycled wrapping paper. 

What about the future?

Sam is always willing to keep thinking about sustainability in every sense of the word.

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