Gift box NO STRESS HOODIE: super soft with fashionable subtle accessories for stress relief

Super soft hoodie without seams or labels. Subtil matching weighted collar, fidget and chew elements provide stress reduction.
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For this  gift BOX NO STRESS HOODIE you make following choices: 

Choose hoodie:
- blue or grey
- size 4 - 16 year
more info on the hoodies you can find HERE.
Choose your favorite "bite me" element
- "bite me" for zipper puller
- "bite me" for hoodie drawstrings (pink or black)
Subtle matching reversible weighted collar made in organic cotton.
Deep pressure provides calming effect. 
Matching fidget stress-ball (blue/grey)
Attach the stress-ball at the zipper puller or loops in the pockets of the SAM hoodie.
Sustainable fidget made in organic cotton.

Mention your choice per item in the comments from your order at check-out.