ZEN accessory “Bite me” - Subtle bite element. Hang at drawstrings SAM hoodie.

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Is concentrating sometimes difficult? Does your child bite on things like clothes, pens, nails? These subtle "bite me" elements are an ideal way to facilitate chewing. Chewing contributes to stress regulation and higher concentration.
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Biting on drawstrings or sleeves from clothing, biting on pens, nails,… . It is very recognizable for many parents.

Chewing offers many benefits. It provides stress regulation and higher concentration. That is why SAM developed the "bite me" accessories to match the SAM hoodies. Subtle chewing is now perfectly possible!

Chewing has a stress-regulating effect and increases concentration. When a child is understimulated, chewing has an activating effect. Overstimulated children can reduce their tension by chewing.

Easy to hang on the SAM hoodies and remove for washes.

Pull the loop through the loop of the drawstring and pull it back through.

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Color options



Non-toxic, high quality food-grade silicone

BPA free

Tested using European safety standard

FDA approved (US food standards agency)


Easy to clean with water & soap

Do not put in the washing machine to avoid discoloration. Easy to remove to wash garment.

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Made in UK.

Verzending en retour

No return possible for hygienic reasons.


Not suitable for the most intensive biters.

Not suitable for children under the age of 4.