What other mums tell about SAM.

The reason I started SAM is Lex, my highly sensitive son. It was very clear that his clothes distracted him and that he didn’t like annoying labels, abrasive seams and stiff textile fabrics. Because I was tired of the search for clothes he did like and because I wanted to help other parents who experience this problem, I created SAM. 

It’s so nice to receive feedback from other mothers and fathers. It’s not easy to build up a small brand, but positive feedback from other people is the reason we continue our story.

Recently I got a message from Evelyn, another mom with a highly sensitive son. Here’s what she wrote to me.


After a long-standing search we finally found something that didn’t cause problems for our son. The pants of SAM are just fantastic and now I find out you’re also developing t-shirts, underpants and socks, I’m even more delighted. We are very interested to test all these clothes. When my son tries to put his clothes on, it always ends with tears. It’s not that he doesn’t want to, he just can’t stand his normal clothes. We’ve had so much heartbreaking moments, but a few months ago, he became a ‘SAM-fan’. He always tells me he can’t stand his clothes, but that problem was definitely over when he discovered his new pants. Simple football shirts are the only clothes he can stand. Sweaters cause problems for him unless they are new and have a zipper. When we wash his clothes too much, it definitely goewrong.We’re very curious about the new collection, so for now I just order some new pants.


Would you like to test the super soft SAM trousers? They are unisex and available in size 4-12 years.

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