With a positive influence on the kids' behaviour 

Every child wants to feel comfortable. That’s why SAM creates durable and comfortable clothes for children who are sensitive to sensory stimuli. The development of these clothes takes place in Belgium, partnering with a team of experts.

SAM produces clothes without labels or hard seams for (hyper)sensitive kids. This to create clothes that cause as few stimuli as possible.

For children who want to enjoy more stimuli, SAM develops clothes with touchy and excitable textures, that feature extra gadgets to play with.

By targeting the different sensory needs of every child, SAM wants to help children feel more comfortable and make sure the clothes  have a positive influence on the kids’ behaviour.

AIR – Low on stimuli for (hyper)sensitive kids

The AIR cothing line is developed for sensory avoiders with these design principles: as few stimuli as possible, without labels or hard seams, comfortable.

TEXTURE – Extra stimuli for the sensory seeker

The TEXTURE clothing line is developed for hyposensitive kids who look for more sensory stimulation. The clothes have touchy and excitable textures and gadgets to fidget with. The fabric is extra durable with high tear resistance.

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