Shipping and return


We send packages every day.

We ship via Bpost, both for domestic and foreign destinations.

Parcels within Belgium should arrive the first working day after shipment.

Parcels outside Belgium take 2 to a maximum of 6 working days. You will receive an e-mail with the tracking link as soon as your package has left us. This way you can follow where your package is.


Belgium:         €3.95 (pick up)    €4,95€ (home delivery)               free shipping from €120

Netherlands:                              €5.95€ (home delivery)              free shipping from €120

Luxembourg:                               €5.95 (home delivery)              free shipping from €120

Germany:                                   €5.95€ (home delivery)             free shipping from €120

France:                                       €6.95€ (home delivery)             free shipping from €120

Great Britain:                              €12.95 (home delivery)             free shipping from €120

Spain:                                        €12.95 (home delivery)             free shipping from €120

Italy:                                          €12.95 (home delivery)             free shipping from €120    

Denemark:                                  €12.95 (home delivery)             free shipping from €120

Austria:                                       €12.95 (home delivery)             free shipping from €120

Sweden:                                      €12.95 (home delivery)            free shipping from  €120


Finland:          €14.95 (home delivery)                                          free shipping from €120

Poland:             €14.95 (home delivery)                                          free shipping from €120

Ireland:          €14.95 (home delivery)                                           free shipping from €120

Portugal:         €14.95 (home delivery)                                          free shipping from €120    

Czech Republic:€14.95 (home delivery)                                          free shipping from €120

Hungary:         €14.95 (home delivery)                                          free shipping from €120

Greece:           €14.95 (home delivery)                                          free shipping from €120


RETURNS: step by step

Step 1: Log in to your account in the web store.

If you have placed an order as a guest, use the same e-mail address to convert your guest account to a customer account.

Step 2: You see the page with recent orders.

Click on order for which you want to return items.

Step 3: Click on "return items" at the bottom right to create a return shipment.

You will be redirected to a page where you can set up a return shipment.

Step 4: Which items return?

Choose number of products in drop down to return. Products that you want to keep, you let those at zero.

Step 5: Indicate why you want to return these items

Choose return reason in drop down menu.

Step 6: Click on "Send" at the bottom right.

The return costs are free of charge.

Return address:

SAM sensory & more

Bolwerkstraat 53

2200 Herentals