Getting dressed is not a big deal anymore with T-shirts and underwear that don’t irritate.

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Does the following situation sound familiar to you? Every morning your child has problems getting dressed. The fabric itches or irritates, an annoying label, seams on the wrong place, socks that go back into the closet. Sometimes the problem is obvious, but more often it’s not. 

The result is always the same. Your kid does not want to wear his or her clothes and parents don’t know what to do anymore. What is the perfect solution for my child? Are there clothes in which he or she feels comfortable?

Pulling the clothing inside out is sometimes a solution but in that case the outside of the clothing will not look good.

How do you create clothes that don’t irritate?

At SAM we listen to experts and parents with sensitive children and after that we start our development of clothes that don’t cause problems for sensitive children. We try to avoid everything that can irritate your kid and that’s why we take small details into account as well. During that process we never forget the children and their needs. 

With that feedback from experts and parents we start making designs, but we consider the child’s well-being and the search for a contemporary design as equally important. That’s why Sam is different from other brands. 

Meanwhile we are searching for appropriate fabrics for our new itchy free T-shirts and underwear. The search for sustainable fabrics makes the process even more complicated. Because SAM is still a small brand, it’s often a challenge to find a fabric with low  minimum amount and to be creative with it in making variations. 

We tested our first designs with sensitive children in Belgium and Denmark. Their feedback was positive and so we were satisfied as well. It meant that we could further optimize the clothes and pay attention to the different sizes, for example. 

At the same time we could have a look at the production price, and we have to admit that we underestimated it. All our efforts to create appropriate clothes for sensitive children have a price and unfortunately that price is higher than we first thought. That’s the reason why many brands don’t pay enough attention to the inside of the clothes. 

To keep our new T-shirts and underwear affordable, we decided to test another design as well. The children are about to try these clothes too and with their feedback we can go on. It’s a nice thing that their feedback is immediately clear. Either they like it, or they don’t. 

If the children like the new samples and we receive positive feedback, we can start the production process. That moment we start coloring the fabric. When that’s over, we’re ready for production. 

What can you expect from SAM?

Underwear for boys between four and sixteen years old (boxer shorts and undershirt).

Underwear for girls between four and sixteen years old (panties and undershirt).

T-shirts for boys and girls between four and sixteen years old.

Sustainable fabric.

No annoying labels or seams.

None of these clothes cause irritation.


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Visit our website and have a look at our pants for boys and girls between four and sixteen years old. 

  • AIR collection: no stimuli and that’s why sensitive children like them.
  • TEXTURE collection: extra strong and with subtle fidget elements that reduce stress and increase concentration. 


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