Sensory gift ideas for kids

The time for presents is coming with St. Nicholas and Christmas. The search for fun sustainable gifts for children is not always easy. Spending money is nice when you are sure that the gifts will be used and last a long time.

SAM also has great gift options that make children happy.

The TEXTURE trousers of SAM has 8 fidget options and is tear resistant. The unisex trouser is available in size 4-12 year.

You will definitely score a hit with these SAM pants! The pants are made of a pleasant soft stretch fabric and equipped with 8 subtle fidgeting options with which your child can fidget and fiddle undisturbed when he or she needs it. Fidgeting ensures stress reduction and higher concentration and is in this way not disturbing for the environment.

Moms will also be very happy with these texture trouser. The tear resistance makes holes in the knees a thing of the past. In addition, the pants come out of the dryer wrinkle-free, making ironing unnecessary. How delightful is that! Extra long life is not only ensured by the tear resistance. The fold-over at the bottom also ensures that the pants have 3 centimeters extra length after a growth spurt.

Click here to heck out the texture pants on the SAM website.

Or looking for a sustainable gift box? Click HERE.

SAM is unique because of the combination of fashion & well-being. SAM develops the products together with experts and tests the products with sensitive children.

SAM has already launched the low-stimulus AIR collection, for sensitive children who hate itchy labels, tags or hard seams. The collection is super soft, comfortable and with a seamless feeling. The collection consists of: soft socks without tangible seams, soft seamless pants, super soft underwear without tangible seams and the softest T-shirts without tangible seams and without labels.

For the active children looking for extra stimuli, there is the TEXTURE collection. Tear-resistant trousers (no more holes in the knees) and 8 subtle fidget elements within hands reach that regulate stress and increase concentration. Also ideal for children who bite on clothes, nails, pencils,… or who fiddle with everything.

More information about the existing products can be found here on the SAM website.

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