ATV: SAM, Low-stimulus collection for sensitive children - With fashionable accessories for stress reduction

A clothing line for children, fully adapted to their feelings and needs, that is SAM. SAM was developed by a mother who wants to respond to the feelings of her sons. The oldest prefers challenge and clothing with extra stimuli and fidgets, the youngest is highly sensitive and difficult to tolerate stimuli. Mama An worked with students from Thomas More University of Applied Sciences to develop the ideal hoodie that helps to process stimuli.

Curious about the TV interview? You find it HERE

no stress hoodie soft and seamless with accessories for stress reduction

clothing for sensory sensitive and sensory seeking children

More about SAM sensory & more:

SAM is unique because of the combination of fashion & well-being and ensures this way wearable well-being. SAM develops the products together with experts and tests the products with sensory sensitive children.

SAM arose from the experience of mama An and her search for clothes for her highly sensitive son. Read the story here.

All children love the SAM products and they are also loved by highly sensitive children, children with autism, children with a sensitive skin or children in wheelchairs. SAM is called a lifesaver by many parents.

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