An Oasis of Peace in a Turbulent World: Put an end to panic and anxiety with the weighted CalmDesign bag.

An Oasis of Peace in a Turbulent World: The Story of the CalmDesign Bag

Mieke Van Donick, a pediatric physiotherapist, shares with us her experience with the CalmDesign bag. She tested the CalmDesign bag with a 19-year-old client who found taking the train to be a significant challenge resulting in panic attacks. The story illustrates how the CalmDesign bag became a solution for preventing anxiety and panic.

Putting an End to Anxiety and Panic on the Train

After the trial period with the CalmDesign bag, Mieke confides a heartfelt story to us: "My client really doesn't want to part with it anymore." These words tell a warm story about her 19-year-old client who finds a unique solution in the CalmDesign bag.

Where train journeys were once a source of fear and unrest, the CalmDesign bag has transformed these moments into moments of peace. "On the train, it helped me breathe better," she shares, "and it also gave me a sense of calm because I felt deep pressure."

The bag's design, spacious and well-thought-out, is praised not only for its therapeutic qualities but also for its practical utility. "She appreciates the ample space in the bag," writes Mieke, referring to how the bag provides not only comfort but also space for everyday essentials.

The bag has become a subtle, stylish companion with a significant presence that allows her to focus on other matters during her train journeys with peace of mind. The comfort through design is striking: "The bag is excellent because it provides gentle pressure on the chest. It's also a practical design," concludes Mieke, seamlessly intertwining stylish design into the life of this teenage girl who now takes the train without fear.

From Experiences to Innovations

At SAM, we cherish every piece of feedback and every shared story. Our bags are more than just a design; they are carefully crafted and serve as your friend who literally embraces you with calm and provides you with a sense of security in overwhelming moments.

Your Stories, Our Inspiration

Mieke's client found her own peaceful spot during her train journeys with the CalmDesign Bag. Panic attacks on the train are a thing of the past thanks to the weighted hip bag. Her story, sincere and touching, will undoubtedly resonate with many who experience similar anxieties, whether on the train, subway, bus, plane, or during activities like shopping.

For more information about the weighted CalmDesign bag and its use, please visit HERE.

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