Sensory clothing

From my own experience with my 2 sons of 6 and 8 year old, the idea arose to think about sensory children's clothing and the positive impact of this.

My youngest son is high sensitive and needs stimuli free clothing.

STIMULUS FREE for the stimulus avoider

Without itchy seems inside
Without itchy pockets inside
Without ichy brand labels or wash labels
Wihout rough fabrics which give a lot of friction with movement
Easy to put on and off

My oldest son is a sensory seeker and likes to fidget with almost everything.

WITH STIMULI for the stimulus seeker

Different textures
Extra gadgets / fidgets
Fabric with high tear resistance

The clothing is UNISEX and beautiful and timeless.

The development toook place together with a group of experts and parents with experience. For the design I work with fashion designer Mette from Copenhagen. Mette is also experienced on the subject as her son is diagnosed with autism.

Both children with sensory sensitivities such as ASD, hypersensitivity, ADHD, or highly gifted kids as children without a specific diagnosis can be happier and less stressful with this clothing designed with attention for sensory processing.

Do you have experiences or ideas, please leave a message.

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