Exploring Sensory Solutions: SAM Sensory Clothing at EACD 2024 Congress in Bruges

We recently had the privilege of participating in the renowned EACD 2024 congress in Bruges—a cornerstone event for advancements in neuromotor disabilities. This blog shares our experiences, showing how our sensory-friendly clothing and accessories were well received by the scientific community.

The Importance of EACD 2024 for SAM

The EACD 2024 congress, spanning from May 29 to June 1, 2024, is recognized as the preeminent European gathering for neuromotor disability research. It brought together over 1500 experts, including scientists and healthcare professionals, to exchange pioneering strategies and insights that enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities.

SAM in the Experience Room

Our presence in the 'Experience Room' was particularly noteworthy. We presented our stylish designed sensory-friendly clothing and accessories, which are crafted to reduce sensory overload and increase comfort. Our offerings attracted significant attention from international delegates, affirming the global relevance and necessity of our products in the field of sensory health.

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Feedback van Experts

The positive feedback from occupational therapists, pediatricians, and other specialists was overwhelming. Many recognized the importance of clothing that respects sensory sensitivities, which is essential for providing safety and comfort. This is a crucial condition for learning, as did you know that those who are distracted (consciously or unconsciously) by clothing throughout the day cannot effectively learn? This feedback confirms for us that we are on the right path.

EACD beurs - SAM sensory-prikkelarme kleding

Future Outlook

The congress was not only a platform for presentation but also an excellent opportunity for networking. We established connections with potential resellers from around the world, paving the way for international collaboration and expanded reach of our sensory solutions.

Global Reach for Sensory Sensitivity Solutions

Thank you to all the participants and organizers of the EACD 2024 congress. Your engagement and feedback have fueled our passion and vision to create a more inclusive and sensitive world. Stay tuned for more updates as we take these new opportunities to expand our reach and impact.


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