From highly sensitive person to highly sensitive parenting to highly sensitive entrepreneurship

How did you discover that you are a highly sensitive person?

Many people discover that they are highly sensitive at a later age. And then suddenly the puzzle pieces fall together. As a child, you may have felt just that little bit different from most children. The following things are often recognizable:

For myself, the above points all applied. Only it became clear to me that I am highly sensitive around the age of 32 by having my child as a mirror.

Do you use your strong intuition or have you unlearned it?

Unfortunately, many of us learn to stop following our gut feeling. This was no different for me. After all, at school you mainly learn to reason logically with your mind. So my mind also took the upper hand.

Only when I had the happy (un)luck to meet a narcissistic manager and went very deep into my sense of justice, I did discover my gut feeling again. A lucky accident.

My tipping point

Luck with the (un)luck has been my tipping point. I discovered again that my gut feeling is my great strength. And my gut feeling decided to start with SAM as a solution to the annoying feeling of itchy clothes, annoying labels and abrasive seams that fill the bucket during the day. This makes you consciously and unconsciously feel very uncomfortable and you can use your talents and focus less on things that you really want.

The annoying feeling of clothing was already there as a child and even as highly sensitive adult, comfortable soft clothing remains an absolute must to feel good during the day.

Preventing overstimulation

The right clothing such as SAM ensures that you do not get overstimulated by your clothes. This is already great right? Nevertheless, we would like to go further and prevent further overstimulation by subtle accessories that help with stimulus processing such as a fashionable subtle weighted collar, bite jewelry or fidgets.  

In this way, the accessories prevent the stress curve from continuing to rise throughout the day. The accessories flatten the stress curve and overstimulation or eruptions are prevented.

I think it's clear to everyone that a child or adult who are overstimulated or have an outburst stop learning, absolutely cannot concentrate and experience a lot of stress. SAM is fully committed to the development of beautiful accessories for children and adults that improve our general well-being.

Highly sensitive entrepreneurship

As a highly sensitive entrepreneur, it is obvious that I want to tackle things well. The clothing must be of high quality, the working conditions must be good, the approach must be as sustainable as possible,…

In the search for a logistics partner for SAM, I wanted to work together with the custom-made company from my municipality. And I was lucky, Kaliber from Herentals was interested in a collaboration. We prepared everything together for a smooth transition over the past 3 months.

With a little pain in my heart I went to Kaliber to pack the first packages together. The guidance and warehouseman with special talents prepared the first packages in my presence. I immediately got a warm feeling. The enthusiasm and pride with which the packages were packed said it all. SAM is in good hands with Kaliber. Obviously, they want to do this really well. That makes letting go a lot easier for me.

This way I get a little more time because as you may experience yourself as a highly sensitive person, you can work and focus very hard. You can also keep going.  Here hides a bit of a danger. That’s why it is important to recognize and acknowledge the signals of your body.

Do you also recognize yourself in (parts of) this story? I am very curious about your experiences. Be sure to share them in the comments.

Do you want to know more about SAM sensory & more? Click HERE.


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