Help, my highly sensitive child doesn't want to go on a camp. Maybe these tips will help.

For some kids, going on a camp is hell. It was the same for my highly sensitive son. When he was 6 years old we tried a sports camp for the first time without an overnight stay. I made sure a friend was present and thought it would work out that way.

Still, he immediately blocked in the morning. And I couldn't get away without a scene... The first time I gave up after day 2. The camp was paid for, but he didn't go.

Fortunately, over the years I learned what is important for my sensitive son. PREDICTABILITY is the key word. The next year I asked for a picture of the supervisor, a daily schedule and he knew the location. This information combined with friends present made it possible to take the step. Going to camp suddenly became a fun experience. I first repeated the same camps a few times before trying something new.

Today we came so far that he is going to scout camp soon with overnight stay. Something that used to seem impossible. The scouts also provide photos of the location, a daily schedule of every day and he already knows the supervisors in this case.

I am so happy as a Mum that I always tried to take small steps forward, to have positive experiences for him, to be where we are today. He'll love scout camp and will get great memories.

So keep trying, in small steps. You'll get there, too.

Do you have any tips that can help other parents? Be sure to share them in the comments.


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