How SAM combines fashion and well being with clothes for sensitive children

Nowadays most clothing brands specifically focus on a nice outside. They don’t pay enough attention to the following aspects:

  • The feel of the fabric
  • The finish and the completion of the inside
  • Labels that cause irritation
  • Comfort in general
  • The ease and the convenience of getting dressed and undressed

This combination has several disadvantages:

  • Itching fabrics
  • Stinging labels
  • Protrusive seams
  • Uncomfortable models
  • Having troubles getting dressed

These factors can cause some extra irritation to sensitive children. It distracts them and just causes more and more stimuli. Regular brands are often a nightmare for sensitive children. Maybe you recognize the following statements?

  • ‘My child doesn’t want socks’
  • ‘My kid can’t stand underwear’
  • ‘My son or daughter only wants soft clothes’
  • ‘Seams and labels annoy my child’

Most parents of sensitive kids always check the inside of clothes before buying them and it’s true, it’s often hard to find appropriate clothes and it’s even harder to convince your kid to wear their clothes.

SAM has found a solution to this problem many mothers and fathers cope with. Our brand offers clothes your sensitive kid does like.

  • Extra soft fabrics that keep their softness after frequent washing
  • No hard seams, irritating labels or loose elements on the inside
  • A complete soft inside
  • Comfortable, ecological and no-seasonal clothes
  • The ease of getting dressed

This way SAM combines a nice outside with a soft inside.


SAM was developed under supervision of renomated experts and tested by sensitive children. Testimonials of parents prove that SAM does have a positive impact on a child’s well being.

‘Best socks in the world! No troubles with seams and irritating fabrics anymore!’ Jorien V. R.

‘My three children really love their new clothes!’ Nele C.

‘I had so many difficulties trying to find underwear my kid could wear, but that’s definitely over. So soft and such good quality. Thanks, SAM!’ Sarah T.

‘My daughter can’t wear pants with seams on the inside because it distracts her. That’s why we always had to remove labels as well. I used to buy different kinds of pants, but unfortunately my child could wear them just once because of the irritation, but now she has two new pants that perfectly suit.’ Wendy V.L.

Curious to discover our collection for sensitive children? Just check our website.

Test SAM now and you will notice the difference.

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