Impact of tactile sensitivity. Find suitable clothing options for sensory sensitive people.


Do you sometimes ask yourself these questions?

Why does your child refuse to wear underwear?
Why does underwear never fit properly?
Why do we always have meltdowns and stress about clothing?

Tactile sensitive children often struggle with wearing underwear with seams and labels. These children experience the texture and sensations of clothing in a more intense way than others, making wearing traditional underwear uncomfortable, irritating, and even painful.

The impact of wearing underwear with seams and labels on these children can be significant. It can lead to a feeling of discomfort and stress, which can result in behavioral issues and decreased concentration and productivity throughout the day.

SAM sensory & more is a brand that produces sensory-friendly underwear specifically designed for children with tactile sensitivity. This underwear is made from soft, seamless fabrics that do not cause irritation or discomfort. The material is designed to be gentle and comfortable on the skin, allowing children to move and play without distraction.

Wearing sensory-friendly underwear such as SAM sensory & more can greatly improve the quality of life for children with tactile sensitivity. These children can better focus on their daily tasks and activities without the constant distraction and discomfort caused by traditional underwear. Additionally, they can engage in social interactions in a more relaxed manner and increase their self-confidence.

Tactile sensitivity to clothing is often seen in children with autism, ADHD, and other developmental disorders. Children with these diagnoses often have an increased sensitivity to stimuli and can become overwhelmed by too much sensory input. Sensory-friendly underwear can be a simple but effective way to help these children cope with their sensitivity and be comfortable on a daily basis.

In conclusion, wearing underwear with seams and labels can be problematic for tactile sensitive children and can affect their behavior and concentration throughout the day. Sensory-friendly underwear such as SAM sensory & more can provide a simple solution to these issues. It is important to recognize that tactile sensitivity to clothing is a common diagnosis in children with certain developmental disorders, and providing suitable clothing options can be an important step in improving their quality of life.

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