Is your kid sensitive to socks? SAM offers a solution to this problem.

‘My kid doesn’t want to wear socks.’ Many parents with sensitive children will certainly recognize this situation because it happens almost every morning and it always ends with extra stress.

Sensitive children get irritated by hard or itching seams, protrusive stings on the inside or a tight upper side. The combination of these factors causes problems getting dressed and that’s why SAM offers a solution. In cooperation with some renomated experts we created our new sensitivity socks.

  • Extra soft and made out of organic cotton (GOTS label)
  • No tangible seams
  • No protrusive stings on the inside
  • No tight upper side
  • Easy to take on and off by kids

The SAM socks look really nice and are available in the following sizes: 28 - 41. They are basically grey, but have three different accents: blue, yellow or dark-grey.

The socks were extensively tested and, more importantly, approved by sensitive children.

You can see the difference on the inside in the next photo. On the left side we have our new SAM sock, which is flat on the toes. On the right side we see a regular sock with a protrusive seam.

SAM is especially proud of the GOTS-label. Our socks are made out of organic cotton because we make sure we only use the result of organic farming where no damaging or carcinogenic substances were used. Furthermore we pay attention to the consumption of water and energy and waste management. Lastly we definitely respect labour conditions in processing textiles.

Would you also like to discover our socks? You can find them here.

Our socks are absolutely fantastic for all kids, particularly sensitive kids. Because the socks are available in size 41, they can also be worn by sensitive parents.

seamless socks for children

SAM arose out of the own experiences of An, a mother of a highly sensitive son. The boy’s  clothes caused so many problems and that’s why An started her own label which combines fashion and well-being. ‘Clothes should be nice and comfortable for (sensitive) children’, is her motto.
For more information about SAM, just click here.

SAM has also a collection with T-shirts, trousers and underwear for sensitive children. Super soft and with seamless feeling. You can check it out on the SAM website.

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