Keeping all the balls in the air being a mother of a highly sensitive child

Do you have a feeling you have too many balls in the air at the same time? Are the everyday life challenges keeping you from your own personal goals? Do you feel there’s always something that requires your attention that distracts you from the things you are trying to improve?

Sounds like ‘juggling’, the activity we women are sometimes almost proud of.

Watching my kids play I suddenly realised what the secret is, stop juggling. The kids concentrate on catching 1 ball, or they just let them all go. Why did I not think about this option before?

I can be very stressed out thinking I should do all things at the same time, what doesn’t work… 

I’m here to keep rolling each ball separately at my own pace.

When you find yourself doing a juggling act, take a break and have an honest look. Do you have to do THESE things? Do you have to do it NOW? Do YOU have to do it yourself?

Having a highly sensitive child or child with extra needs means you need your energy as a mother to handle all situations without being stressed out yourself. This is what helps me being less stressful and not juggling all the time:

1) Necessary? Let go perfection

Not critical? Maybe you can let it go. Give up perfection on things that don’t really matter, like keeping the playroom tidy ALL the time.

2) Delegate

Oké, your husband is busy, but he can also plan to do some jobs, not? Hire help if you can. Depending on the age, your children can also help in the household. make a list and make good agreements.

3) Focus on one thing

When you are focused on a task, don’t let yourself be distracted by other unfinished tasks. Get that one ‘ball’ over a finish line so you can add an item to your ‘Done list‘.

4) Plan your me-time & self-care

Don't feel guilty if you take some time for yourself. Only in this way can you perform the best as a mother for your children.

A healthy body and mind increase your resilience and prevent yourself from crashing as a mom, wife, employee. Choose mostly healthy food and exercise enough. You will have a lot more energy.

What’s your experience with keeping all the balls in the air? Share it in the comments.


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