Mom Nele about SAM: "We are so happy with SAM! Finally no more morning battles about clothing."

We are so happy with the SAM trousers and socks. A year ago it was a battle every morning! Not a single sock was right, even socks without a seam were a disaster (because those smart manufacturers still sew the size in at the bottom). Since Jurre wears the SAM socks, the morning battle is finally over and we can leave without a fight.

He also doesn't want to exchange his SAM trousers anymore. There was something about every pair of trousers: annoying seam, pocket that itches, pleats in the wrong place, ... Jurre had some remarks every time he tried it on. He wears his blue SAM pants every day from now on (for those who would think he always wears the same pants, he has several of the same in circulation). So we are eagerly waiting for the new colors, then it is a bit more noticeable that he regularly wears clean pants! Thanks for being so enterprising! We are already SUPER fans! You will see us regularly between your orders!

Nele & Jurre

More on SAM sensory & more:

SAM arose out of the own experiences of An, a mother of a highly sensitive son. The boy’s  clothes caused so many problems and that’s why An started her own label which combines fashion and well-being. ‘Clothes should be nice and comfortable for (sensitive) children’, is her motto.
For more information about SAM, just click here.

SAM has also a collection with seamless socksT-shirts, trousers and underwear for sensitive children. Super soft and with seamless feeling. You can check it out on the SAM website.

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