“Morning drama about underwear with Ilke”. Mama Lesley talks about her drama mornings and the solution she finally found after a long search and many alternatives testing.

Mama Lesley talks about the difficult search for girls briefs for her sensitive daughter Ilke and the stressful situation this entailed every morning.

5:45 am, the alarm goes off and I snooze. I'm already starting to think about the approaching drama.

6:15 am, really time to get up now, suppose I don't get her dressed, then I'll be late.

We get up and together choose clothes from the closet to put on right away. I already pull the socks inside out and check clothing for labels, tickle edges or something like that.

7am, time to put on the clothes. My daughter immediately starts the fight with “But mommy, those underpants are going in my behind! I don't want that!"

I try to calm her down by saying that I understand and that I'm still looking for underwear that won't get between her bottom. About 20-40 minutes later she is usually dressed, but we are both completely upset.

Desperate I create another Facebook post asking for tips, underpants I could try. Some tips come out: SEAMLESS underwear from various stores. I look up on the internet for these underwear and make a few orders. I'll leave 1 tip because of the price, which is a shame turns out later. The orders arrive and 1 by 1 they are disappointments, because "seamless" turns out not to be so seamless after all and therefore does not solve the problem at all.

My last hope, the common tip to check the SAM Sensory & More website. I have to be honest, as a single mom, I was hesitant to buy this because of the price. But after a moment of hesitation, I order a 3-pack. After my order I send an email to An because I was still unsure about the size. After some emails back and forth, she decides to send a larger size.

seamless girlls briefs for highly sensitive girls, autism underwear

Tuesday morning I receive an email from B-Post that my package is expected from SAM today. Well, I was super curious! The order arrived in the morning, I've been looking for a while and yes, completely without that annoying seam. I can't wait to let them try my daughter. This is the first thing we do after school, and HALLELUJA, she already approves them for the time being! The real test comes the morning after, when we dress her all up for school.

Wednesday morning I get up with a scared heart and we choose her clothes again. At 7:02 am she is just fully dressed, without whining, without meltdowns and we are not upset!

The mornings after that go just as smoothly, my God, what a relief! As the cherry on the cake, my daughter says Friday morning after getting dressed “Thank you mom for finding underwear that won't crawl in my bottom”. Amazing, right?!

Thank you very much An, for your advice and for your products, it is absolutely great and well worth the money!

We would like to thank Lesley for sharing her story.

Do you have any questions about the SAM products or do you want to share your own experience about SAM, please let us know via [email protected].


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More about SAM sensory & more:

SAM is unique because of the combination of fashion & well-being and ensures this way wearable well-being. SAM develops the products together with experts and tests the products with sensory sensitive children.

SAM arose from the experience of mama An and her search for clothes for her highly sensitive son. Read the story here.

All children love the SAM products and they are also loved by highly sensitive children, children with autism, children with a sensitive skin or children in wheelchairs. SAM is called a lifesaver by many parents.




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