SAM works together with UCLL University on over-stimulation with children.

As a parent we know our stimulus-sensitive child well. We try to prevent overstimulation as much as possible by taking a 'break' in time, which ensures the necessary destressing.

It remains a difficult exercise to always estimate this correctly. It is not always possible to monitor our stimulus sensitive children. The result is often an over-stimulated child that is angry, a child that bursts out,… When a child enters this phase of over-stimulation, it takes a lot of time to calm down.

In class too, teachers notice that children who are over-stimulated do not come to learning.

Wouldn't it be great if we could detect overstimulation at an early stage and children could learn for themselves when their body and mind needs a break. After all, when we intervene in time, calming down takes much less time than after an meltdown.

SAM formulated this research question at UCLL University in Belgium.

Three orthopedagogy students start a preliminary study in which will be investigated which measurable parameters can be used as predictors to determine overstimulation by children.

SAM dreams of combining fashion and technology to contribute to the prevention of overstimulation by children.

Do you have medical knowledge of what physically happens in the body when overstimulated? Then please to let us know. You could help the students in their study.


SAM is unique because of the combination of fashion & well-being. SAM develops the products together with experts and tests the products with sensitive children.

SAM has already launched the low-stimulus AIR collection, for sensitive children who hate itchy labels, tags or hard seams. The collection is super soft, comfortable and with a seamless feeling. The collection consists of: soft socks without tangible seams, soft seamless pants, super soft underwear without tangible seams and the softest T-shirts without tangible seams and without labels.

For the active children looking for extra stimuli, there is the TEXTURE collection. Tear-resistant trousers (no more holes in the knees) and 8 subtle fidget elements within hands reach that regulate stress and increase concentration. Also ideal for children who bite on clothes, nails, pencils,… or who fiddle with everything.

More information about the existing products can be found here on the website.



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