Wanted: soft communion or festive clothing for sensitive kids

Lex's communion would take place in May. Due to corona it was postponed. We just received confirmation that Communion will now take place in September.

I was really stressed trying to find soft communion clothes for Lex. It should be a bit more festive that day, right? At the same time, I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable in his clothes that day.

We went to ZEB for stars in Zoersel on a Friday evening. As I had hoped, it was nice and quiet at that hour. Ideal for fitting clothes without stress and pressure.

Like any mom of sensitive kids, I went down the shelves with my hands. Feel which fabrics are soft enough and also stretch enough so that it would sit comfortably. We found a super soft shirt  and blazer from R2 Amsterdam . The blazer feels like a cardigan made of sweater fabric, ideally pleasant.


I let Lex choose the pants. Either one from the ZEB store, or SAM pants. He tried both and opted for the soft SAM AIR slim pants. I must say that I am amazed at how beautiful the SAM pants can also be combined in a classic look.


I am happy, I am now sure that Lex will feel comfortable on his communion day. He will already have enough stress from the situation in the church that uncomfortable stinging clothes would overexcite him.

We can now quietly count down to his day.

This time I took the initiative to make the cards myself. I am a fan of CANVA. You choose a template and change it according to your own wishes. I suddenly ordered the tickets via CANVA. Nice and easy and well explained how you take the outcome into account so that you certainly have a nice end result.

What do you think of the end result? Please leave a comment below.

More soft clothing for your sensitive child. Check out SAM sensory & more.

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