Bieke and Tuur are testing the CalmDesignbag. First reaction: "Can I keep it on, Mom?"

Today, I am excited to share my experience with the CalmDesign Bag, a therapeutic hip bag that brings calm and comfort into the lives of highly sensitive individuals. As an expert in the field of high sensitivity and after testing this weighted hip bag, I am convinced that the CalmDesign Bag can be of great value to individuals who are sensitive to sensory stimuli. I would like to tell you about my own experiences, as well as my son Tuur's experiences with the CalmDesign Bag from SAM.

My son Tuur, like myself, is highly sensitive. After a long day at school, with all the stimuli and impressions he has to process, he often needs peace and relaxation. We had the opportunity to test the CalmDesign Bag, hoping that it would make a difference in his daily life.

During the initial test, it quickly became apparent that the CalmDesign Bag was calming for Tuur. He enjoyed feeling the deep pressure provided by the weight on his body. His spontaneous reaction said it all: "Can I wear this every day after school?" The impact was immediately noticeable and gave him a sense of calmness. It was beautiful to see how the CalmDesign Bag helped him better cope with the sensory overload he experiences on a daily basis.

Of course, I also wanted to try the CalmDesign Bag myself. I wore the bag crossbody in front of me during a shopping trip. With every step I took, I felt that the bag kept me closer to myself. It gave me a sense of protection, as if a safe cocoon was created around me. It was a pleasant experience, and I can imagine how much peace, safety, and comfort the bag can provide to individuals during difficult moments of stress and sensory overload.

The CalmDesign Bag is not just an ordinary bag; it is a thoughtfully designed tool that caters to the needs of highly sensitive individuals. The weighted pouches provide a calming effect, while the ergonomic design and comfortable fit ensure that the bag perfectly contours to the body. It is clear that attention has been paid to every detail, making the bag not only functional but also a stylish accessory for everyday use.

As a high sensitivity expert, I can confidently say that the CalmDesign Bag is a valuable addition to the lives of highly sensitive individuals. It offers a safe haven in a world full of stimuli and stress. Whether it's for school, work, or simply daily activities, this bag can be a reliable companion that provides peace and comfort when you or your child needs it.

With warm regards,

Bieke Geenen

Curious about the CalmDesign weighted hip bag? Find more information HERE.

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