Mama Maïte, autism coach at Atlass, shares her experience with SAM's seamless sensitivity socks

I met Maïte through an invitation from her to introduce SAM, sensory clothing for kids, at a lecture by Atlass about sensory processing.

During the lecture, Maïte spoke from her in-depth knowledge and own experience about the various aspects of sensory processing and also provided solutions. It was a very educational evening.

I was therefore very happy with Maïte's request to deliver SAM sensitivity socks for her daughter. Putting on socks is also a difficult task for her daughter which causes every morning the necessary morning stress.

After testing the SAM sensitivity socks I got the following heartwarming message:

“The socks arrived and are tested! For the first time in years that moment passed without problems !! I made a video of the first time she tried on the socks. Maybe I should also have made a video of how (badly) things go with other socks ...

Thank you, I think you're going to make a lot of people happy with these sensory friendly clothing.A big thanks for the lifesaver. ” 

From November, the SAM sensitivity socks will also be for sale in the Atlass practice in Zemst Belgium. In this way Atlass coaching wants to make many parents and kids happy with SAM's sensitivity socks.

The SAM socks are made of organic cotton with GOTS label and available in sizes 28-41. They are super soft with no tangible seams or threads and no elastic or rib at the top. Sensitive kids really love them. 

More information about Atlass practice in Zemst:

Are you looking for appropriate help or information about your child, yourself or your partner with (suspected) autism, ADHD or high sensitivity? Do you suspect ASD, ADHD or both in your child or yourself and would you like to have this tested? Then you are at the right place at Atlas. The ATLASS practice offers a wide range of assistance for children, adults and parents. More info can be found HERE.

More info about SAM sensory & more:

SAM was founded by An Luyten, mother of a highly sensitive son, from the search for clothes that her sensitive child wanted to wear. SAM is unique because of the combination of fashion & well-being. SAM develops the products together with experts and tests all the products with sensitive children.

SAM has already launched the low-stimulus AIR collection, for sensitive children who hate stinging labels or hard seams. The collection is super soft, comfortable and with a seamless feeling.  The collection consists of: soft socks without tangible seams, soft seamless trousers, super soft underwear without tangible seams tangible seams and without labels. 

For the active children looking for stimuli, there is the TEXTURE collection. Tear-resistant trousers (no more holes in the knees) and 8 subtle fidget elements within reach that regulate stress and increase concentration. Also ideal for children who bite on clothes, nails, pencils, ... or who fiddle with everything. 

More information about the SAM products can be found here on the SAM website


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