Chill Chain, Sensory LANYARD - chain for phone/keys/badge - Enjoy Sensory Regulation

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Reduce stress and improve your focus with the Chill Chain Sensory Lanyard! For fidget fans and those seeking focus. Always have your preferred fidget material at hand, stylish and discreet.
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Unleash Peace and Focus with Our Sensory Lanyard!

Are you tired of being stressed and distracted? Do you prefer fidgets that are subtle and inconspicuous? Our Sensory Lanyard is the beautifully subtle solution.

Why the Sensory Lanyard?

No more sharp edges from traditional lanyards. Our lanyard is designed with your comfort in mind and feels heavenly around your neck. But that's not all!

More than just a lanyard:

  • Practical: Hang your phone, keys, or badge on it so you always have everything at hand.
  • Sensory Relief: Our lanyard is equipped with various sensory elements that are great for fidgeting. From knots to movable beads and sensory (detachable) scrunchies with different sensations, this lanyard offers the ultimate sensory experience.
  • Sustainable Design: A strong emphasis on the use of sustainable materials.

How Does It Work?

This lanyard is your secret weapon for stress reduction and concentration improvement. Fidgeting with the sensory elements can help you relax and stay focused wherever you are.

Who Is It Suitable For?

The Sensory Lanyard is suitable for adults and teenagers aged 16 and above. It is ideal for anyone who enjoys fidgeting, nail biters, individuals who have trouble sitting still or focusing. The lanyard is also suitable for highly sensitive individuals, people with autism, ADHD, or other sensory-sensitive individuals.

Please Note:

Our lanyard is designed for responsible use, and safety is paramount. We recommend that this product be used only by individuals who understand how to wear and manage it safely and correctly. This ensures that the lanyard remains a practical and functional accessory without risks when used improperly. For this reason, the product is recommended for individuals aged 16 and above.

The Sensory Lanyard includes everything except the phone case shown in the picture. This is purely illustrative for use in the case of a phone.


Main colors dark blue, gray, black. Detachable scrunchie color mint.

Development and Production

Designed in Belgium. Handmade in Poland.


Fabric: 100% leftover material SAM: 47% organic cotton, 47% viscose, 6% elastane, 100% organic cotton Components: 100% cotton cord, metal hook and eye, plastic bead, dried lavender, cherry pits Filling: 100% recycled wool


Hand wash at low temperature. Let it air dry.

Shipping and Returns

Returns are possible if the product is unused, in its original condition, and with the accompanying packaging.