ZEN Fidget Stress Ball - For better sensory processing!

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This stress ball made of super soft fabric reduces stress and increases concentration. It matches perfectly with your SAM outfit and can be subtly attached to the loops of the SAM longsleeve, sweater or in the pockets of the SAM hoodie.
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With this fidget stress ball you always have something to fiddle with. 

They are made from the same super soft fabric as the SAM clothing, so they match nicely with the SAM outfit and are very subtle.

Subtle fidgeting without annoying noises is completely possible in this way and contributes to stress reduction and higher concentration.

Also ideal solution for everyone who have difficulty concentrating, sitting still, biting their nails,...

This stress ball is durable and HAND MADE in BELGIUM (HIB).

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Subtle finger trainer / stress ball.
Subtle bite element that can be hooked on to the zipper or drawstrings SAM hoodie.
Subtle weighted colar.


Reversible grey/blue

Composition%47 organic cotton, %47 viscose, %6 elastane.
The filling consists of polished glass beads made from recycled glass. Because the pearls are so fine and round, they give a soft squeezy feeling.



Wash at 30°.
Dry by air.

Development and production

Made in Belgium.


Hand Made in Belgium (HIB).

Verzending en retour

No return possible for of hygienic reasons.