Effective Solutions for Overstimulation and Sensory Sensitivities: SAM Sensory Products in Action

I am Stiene Van den Eynde, practice coordinator at Mind-Z. Mind-Z is an independent practice located in Onze-Lieve-Vrouw Waver, near Mechelen. At Mind-Z, we provide guidance to young people and adults with autism (and/or AD(H)D and/or HSP) for various care needs. This can include school/work adjustments, explanations about the diagnosis and acceptance, coping with stress, anxiety, and other secondary issues...

I also receive many questions about processing stimuli and sensory over- and under-sensitivities. This is a crucial aspect when we talk about autism and related issues. This is also the reason why I enjoy collaborating with SAM. It's amazing that An Luyten develops fantastic products that are a perfect fit for my target audience.


What problems/difficulties do you often encounter in your practice?

When I talk to my clients about stimuli, countless examples come up. Individuals with autism can be both oversensitive and undersensitive to specific stimuli. Hypersensitivity to clothing is common, as well as hypersensitivity to sounds, light stimuli, certain tastes and textures, and so on.

Undersensitivity is less known but also occurs, where clients, for example, feel hunger too late, have difficulty estimating their own strength, often bump into things, or make a lot of noise. Undersensitivity often requires controlled stimuli, which can be introduced through the use of sensory materials. In my practice, I often use a Sensory Profile (Olga Bogdashina) to determine the specific over- and undersensitivities. Once we have identified these, we can search for solutions much more effectively.


Which SAM products provide good solutions for these challenges?

SAM's clothing provides an excellent solution for sensory-sensitive children, teenagers, and adults. I especially recommend SAM Sensory clothing for clients who struggle with rough fabrics and seams in clothing. Even if they have issues with labels, those can be removed, but some clients experience more discomfort than just with labels.

I find SAM's underwear truly fantastic! Many clients complain about this, and I sometimes suggest wearing their socks inside out to have fewer seams at the toes and heel. Unfortunately, this tip is not always sufficient. The fact that SAM socks have no elastic band but a soft and loose end of the sock is really ingenious! The weighted collar, chew necklace, and sensory keychain are also great! They can provide more calmness without being disruptive in the classroom or at work, for example. Many sensory materials make noise, like a tangle or cube, but SAM Sensory materials do not. That's a big plus!


What are some other advantages of SAM products?

I am truly amazed by the excellent quality of the fabric used in the clothing. There is no softer fabric to be found! Furthermore, careful thought has been given to the seams, which are often stitched on the outside and yet not very visible. The quality of SAM Sensory products, in general, is unparalleled. Although you might pay a little more for them, they last much longer than cheaper sensory materials or clothing. The colors are also very accessible. Children wearing SAM Sensory clothing do not stand out among other children. It doesn't look like adapted clothing, which helps them fit in and avoid uncomfortable questions.


What differences have you noticed after using SAM products?

For example, I have noticed that people who need a lot of "pressure" to feel safe are really helped by the weighted collar. It provides them with calmness and reduces their anxiety.

For myself as well, it's very pleasant to feel my shoulders more relaxed after a day behind the computer. I experience less pain, fewer headaches, and a sense of security. It's fantastic!

A boy I was working with was able to go back to school wearing long pants thanks to the SAM sensory friendly trousers, which was not possible before. He used to wear shorts both in summer and winter because he had difficulty with the fabric around his calves.

Another boy who could only wear Crocs to school before can now wear shoes with SAM socks. This is a significant step forward for both of them to feel like they belong.

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Curious about SAM products?

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